A Narnia Spectacular

The Brief

As the year drew to a close, Facebook wanted their staff to enjoy an unforgettable holiday event. There would be 2000 guests and they wanted to up the ante on previous years to deliver Narnia, with a Twist. Full event concept design, production, and delivery to be handled by WAF.

The Idea

We wanted to transport guests to a magical world which delivered a truly bespoke experience. We had two levels within the chosen venue to play with, and additional break out rooms. Downstairs, an immersive sound tunnel entrance would start the journey with oversized coat racks and the sound of children giggling, magic a-foot, and Aslan the Lion just around the corner. The experience on entering Narnia needed to be truly magical. We wanted to create transitional worlds ‘outside’ Narnia, and ‘inside’ so created forest rooms and mirrored rooms for breakout spaces. Upstairs, it was key to flip the concept on its head and deliver a world of unexpected fun and festiveness – Narnia, with a Twist. All in all, we wanted to take guests back to their childhood and allow them to immerse themselves in another world. Besides all of this, our aim was to deliver exceptional food and beverage and a party to end all parties.

The Result

Upon emerging from the tunnel of coats, a visual spectacular awaited guests – with huge snowy fir trees, walkabout entertainment, and the jewel of all – a White Witch’s Crown bar befit with dramatically jutting ice shards with frozen floral trapped inside, serving bubbles and cocktails in true celebratory style. There was more drama to be found in ice within other spaces – with the star of the show being a huge Aslan ice sculpture, set inside a totally mirrored room where guests enjoyed cocktails from an ice bar, as well as a ‘pimp’ your cheesecake mirrored bar. An array of warming winter treats were on hand that would rival any après ski dining, from creamy mac'n'cheese, to hearty mini pies, halloumi-topped fries and naughty beignets to name a few When guests didn’t have their hands full with delicious food and drink, they could indulge in a bit of wintry competition be it from the ski slalom, disco dodgems, LED foosball and yes – even curling. For those with a less competitive streak, there were digital snow angels to be made, or faces were painted and tinsel wigs trimmed at the Magical Creatures Salon. At 9pm, Aslan’s Disco Den was opened up for guests to let their manes down in style. With celebrity act Trevor Nelson and The Kitts to keep everyone boogying until the early hours of the morning.