Bespoke installation

The Brief

Design a moving ice skater which can be displayed for a month within the atrium of the Savoy Tea Rooms, and in addition to install a bespoke bauble installation for Louis Roederer in the ceiling of the Atrium.

The Idea

Inspired by a musical box our Head of Creative found in Mexico City we will design and install a skating figure on constant spin.

The Result

We created a round plinth using a mechanical car showroom motor on which we placed a bespoke life size figurine. To create the figurine, we worked with London sculptor Gareth Knowles and a dress maker to create a gold and silk bodice for her to wear. The plinth was scenically treated to create the illusion of it being an ice rink. The bauble installation was designed to hang from the ceiling of the atrium and bounce the surrounding low level lighting down onto the dancer. Baubles were bespoke branded and hung throughout the entirety of the installation.