Christmasville – a town like no other…

The Brief

Design and create a Holiday event for Facebook London employees with plus ones. Guests: 1500. Catering and bars, live music, DJ, entertainment, and activities. Manage all invites, RSVPS, guest management and logistics.

The Idea

We will design, create and deliver a make-believe world- a place which only exists in imaginary realms, where everything you know about Christmas comes together in one place. You will see characters you know, have memories jogged, smile with delight and get to adventure and explore through both uptown and downtown and all of its nooks and crannies. Welcome to Christmasville, a town like no other. Have a safe flight!

The Result

Guests arrived at a fictional airport to be greeted by Christmasville Toy Soldiers and Facebook airline hostesses with a bespoke airport sound scape.

We had a number of immersive actors on site from a holidaying Father Christmas to lost tourists with their selfie sticks. We designed created several break out areas from a glitter saloon to a polar ice bar, downtown Christmasville to wine bars and sweet shops alongside a host of food vendors on site.

The main stage had one of London’s best bands belt out one hit after another to a packed dancefloor before a leading London DJ hit the decks and took everyone into the later hours.

Thanks SO much for pulling off an utterly incredible event for us last night. We’ve had brilliant feedback so far and everyone is still buzzing off relaying the mini-experiences they had, from the American tourists to the reindeers to the endless dancefloor action to the glitter to the Wise Men....on and on!

Laura Darling, EA, Facebook

There is something really special about a WAF event from the creativity right down to how helpful and friendly the whole team are - no one is every too busy to help or offer you a smile (even if they really are) and our bands are always made to feel incredibly welcome. We love it when a WAF enquiry comes in because we know it's always going to be a fun one!

Live Music International, Music Agents