EMEA Marketing Summit

The Brief

Due to the COVID situation, Facebook asked us to launch their annual Marketing Summit for the Central Europe region virtually and create a bespoke, engaging digital event that would move beyond being another standard webinar.

The Idea

The event ran for one morning, starting with an initial plenary session, before splitting into 3 smaller regional breakout sessions, as well as having a virtual event platform that consisted of numerous other pages for guests to explore.

We were responsible for all aspects of the event: creating the platform, the event identity and graphics, management of the technical delivery, all film production and editing, 3D animations, AR filters and guest giveaways. We also took care of the guest management, created an on-platform Facebook campaign and made all content available for on-demand viewing after the event.

The Result

The event - moderated by Seth Godin - was a huge success with over 4200 marketeers watching 22 speakers across 18 sessions. As a bonus Facebook was able to reach markets that can’t be reached by physical events. The success of the event also led to the monthly Marketing Summit Series.