Facebook Video Day

The Brief

To design and deliver a talks series for two audiences, in one day, in two cities; Milan & Madrid. This was an opportunity for Facebook to share information on how to use their video making and sharing tools, gather together like minded customers, create brand awareness and offer support services.

The Idea

This was an event for two audiences; Media Publishers, those who manage video content, and Creators, the makers of video content. The approach hinged on catering for both categories, without compromise. The venues had to be a desirable location, a relaxed yet formal environment with the attributes of a well-functioning event space. The design and layout had to remain flexible to allow a transition between morning and afternoon and good logistics would be imperative to the smooth running of the event with diligent planning for a time sensitive project located in Europe.

The Result

100 Media Publishers and 100 content Creators attended each event. We developed the graphic identity for each audience, invitations, event wide signage, flexible floorplans, a stage, furniture selection and a bespoke family of activations which included a photo opportunity, a bag making workshop, a GIPHY booth and one-to-one troubleshooting desks supported by BA staff. All guests were well refreshed throughout, with a selected menu of local food from healthy bowls to indulgent branded sweet treats catering to a range of dietary requirements and choice.

The event was an overall success underpinned by well planned logistics and above all encouraged guests to meet, learn new techniques and put them to practice on the activations which generated a huge volume of content creation, further promoting the value of the project.