The Brief

We were asked to create the branding for one of Facebook's biggest internal campaigns of the year, focusing on innovation and their Family of Apps.

The ongoing series aims to educate and inspire employees about their products, connecting everyone to their mission and strategy, whilst also showcasing the work Facebook are doing in EMEA.

The Idea

We wanted to inspire authenticity, not perfectionism. When trying to understand what the future holds, we are often overwhelmed by the unknown which can become uncomfortable, but it is at these uncomfortable moments where creativity is inspired the most. When we choose to embark on innovation into the unknown it is then we inspire our own future.

The chosen route explored monochromatic photography interacting with bold overlapping graphical elements and typography to create a composition which is striking, captivating and beautiful.

Energetic, bold and bright colours with light-dark gradients - a chromatic vision of the future with no bounds.

The Result

A collection of fully branded, editable event assets to be utilised throughout the event series, including; an event logo, framing, a one minute countdown video, lower thirds, transitions and infographic interstitials.