Insights Day, KP Snacks

The Brief

We were asked to create a virtual event that announces KP Snacks’ industry research and insights to 20 trade and media journalists. The brief was to make the event more interactive and up-level the event from a standard Zoom call.

The Idea

Working with Chef Jimmy Garcia (known as one of the best creative chefs in the country), we created a bespoke bespoke tasting menu, specifically designed to pair with the KP Snacks crisps, which was sent out to the journalists on the morning of the event.

In addition to this we created a bespoke 2 minute intro video that sets the scene - bringing to life what’s happened over the past year, with the pandemic; as well as motion graphics that appeared throughout the event with snackable content, and designed the speaker presentations so they were all on brand. We managed the technical production for the live broadcast which was played out on Zoom. However to up-level this, we placed the speakers and their presentations in a more engaging and dynamic way.

The Result

The event was delivered to the top level senior management of KP Snacks with journalists joining from across the country. Speakers and presenters joined into the event live from their homes with WAF streaming the event in house.