Meet the Future in VR

The Brief

We were asked by Facebook to design, print and ship Oculus Headsets in luxe gift boxes to transport VIP guests into a virtual reality event world.

The Idea

Through the Oculus VR headset, the audience can step outside the familiar, develop expanded perspectives, and see both themselves and the people around them in new ways. This personal journey is represented through the element of light, which is an important visual metaphor for Oculus that brings the brand position to life with vivid, visceral and distinct features. We wanted our design to reflect this exact experience when opening their a bespoke box which is both modern, clean and reflective in material.

Guests received a matte black clamshell box with a subtle holographic 'O' situated on top of the box. On the underside of the lid, both an invitation and set-up guide were held in a pouch, with the headset itself slotted into a holographic inset.

WAF also designed a branded Splash website for guest registrations, as well as bespoke HTML emails to notify guests of any event updates.

The Result

The virtual reality event was a huge success with brilliant feedback from guests "This was a world-class event!"