TV Set for live broadcast...

The Brief

Create a Live TV studio in brand new London HQ offices. The set should be homely and inviting, and have space for 6 guests to be seated. It should also be versatile and moveable, so furniture can be removed and a band set up can be installed, etc. This will be a permanent installation.

The Idea

We will create a retro style music lover’s lounge with comfortable furniture which allows for multiple arrangement layouts. We will design an inviting, friendly set and use earthy leather and wood elements as the base tones for design. The set will be stylish, but not overly vintage and will feature a main back wall with key London props.

The Result

We designed and built a large shelving unit made from old apple crates with colourful painted interiors. We sourced an array of memorabilia to fill this with which had a distinct London accent; classic red phone and post boxes, some very English TV characters, record player, etc. This meant the viewer is very quickly made aware of the broadcasts location. In addition, we sourced retro furniture and soft furnishings and installed a white brick backdrop wall with London street signs to tie it all together.

Thank you We Are Family! You helped make my vision grow from a scrappy drawing on a piece of paper to an exciting, impressive and highly sought after space! I appreciate how much work went into the project, especially the small details which add a sense of uniqueness within our office. I can’t wait to see our next project come together for studio 2!

Dale Revell - Facebook