Creative Events Agency.

Just wanted to pass on HUGE thanks from our team. You have performed miracles for us over the past few weeks and been true partners for us throughout – thriving on each challenge that has been brought your way!

Client, Facebook

WAF are by far the best agency I have ever worked with. They feel like an extension of your team and the level of service is above and beyond that of any other company I have previously engaged. They have helped with some of the biggest events I have organised and everything from the creativity to logistics is always looked after to the highest standard. Thank you WAF you are the best!

Hannah Jepson, EA, Facebook

A big thank you to you and the team on behalf of London Sport for working so tirelessly on Active London 2020 and helping make it the success it was. The creative design, strategy work, bespoke platform and dedicated team which We Are Family provided has played a huge part in its success.

London Active

I just wanted to write with the most enormous THANK YOU to you all. One of the best I've ever been lucky enough to work on!! You guys do such an incredible job - WAF is in another league from most event planners as far as we're concerned.

Music International

Words can't describe the event you designed and organised! It was extraordinary and dream like.

VIP Guest, Private Event

You walked the almost impossible line of delivering a totally magical event for your client while keeping us happy by looking after St Clere as if it was your own. Every member of your team was exceptionally capable and exceptionally easy to work with and we hope to see you all back at St Clere one day.

Eliza Ecclestone, Owner of St Clere

Honestly wouldn’t have happened without your hard graft, dedication, attention to detail and calm heads above all else!! You were AMAZING!

Client, Facebook

A a huge thanks to We Are Family – the production work and all the work that went into filming, editing and graphics – just superb.

Tim Hollingsworth OBE, Chief Executive, Sport England

Words can’t really express how grateful I am for all the incredible effort and creativity you and your fantastic team put in. It really was the most magical party ever, and everyone who was there will remember it for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

Client, Private Event

It really was quite an event, having been involved in the live events industry for some years now I was seriously impressed by the creativity of your organisation- spectacular.

Ruaridh Macdonald, Owner of Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

We really couldn’t have done it without you and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. We have received so much positive feedback about the event – from the quality of the content to the quality of the recordings and production value, the end result was seamless, thank you for helping to make it such a success.

Client, Facebook

'The WAF team time and time again deliver exceptional events - from initial planning stage right through to delivery of the event, their teams’ creativity and professionalism knows no boundaries. This year’s event was just that, with new creative elements both large and small and just when you thought it was over- there was more!

Background Bars

I would like to say only that I feel that WAF Team has become for us a crucial partner and name of your agency - We Are Family - really fits to this Team. The team have made amazing things with us this year and I couldn't imagine 2021 without this Family indeed!

Client, Facebook

Thank you so much to you and your team for organising such a fantastic weekend. Everything was perfect… The Saturday party was mind-blowing- this was a celebration that will live with us for a very long time.

Guest, Private Event

Thank you We Are Family! You helped make my vision grow from a scrappy drawing on a piece of paper to an exciting, impressive and highly sought after space! I appreciate how much work went into the project, especially the small details which add a sense of uniqueness within our office. I can’t wait to see our next project come together for studio 2!

Dale Revell - Facebook

There is something really special about a WAF event from the creativity right down to how helpful and friendly the whole team are - no one is every too busy to help or offer you a smile (even if they really are) and our bands are always made to feel incredibly welcome. We love it when a WAF enquiry comes in because we know it's always going to be a fun one!

Live Music International, Music Agents

It's great you manage to surround yourself with such great people which makes WAF a real pleasure to work with.

Delia, Freelance Stylist

It was an honour to be part of your event. You guys are genuinely really cool people to work alongside as well... great show all round ... it will literally go down in history as the kind of event that doesn’t happen every day.
Looking forward to the future with you all.

Dave, Video Illusions

I just wanted to write to say as always WAF have delivered another breath-taking product.

Karl, TSL Lighting

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you and your family (team) and we certainly look forward to the next job.

Nick, Stage One

I DJ’d at a party WAF planned and was super impressed with their high standards as well as their creativity and originality. Everything about the event was impeccably organised; from the independent entertainers they sourced to the attentive hospitality staff to the breath-taking styling of the venue.

Hilit Kolet, DJ

It was such a pleasure to work with you all at We Are Family. I have to say I've never experienced such a warming work environment before, everybody worked so hard but always had time to smile, laugh and support one another (you certainly live up to the name!). Thank you for the wonderful experience, I sincerely look forward to joining you all again.

Dan, Sound Designer

Amazing event, wonderfully executed! Well done to a great team. Looking forward to the next time.

Dan Lywood, DJ

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work with you and your team these past few days. It has been a joy to be part of something so utterly brilliant.

Kat Hart, Close Protection

It’s always a pleasure working for you and your team as you always seem to surround yourself with the nicest, most professional people in the industry.

Jonathan, Hurlingham Tents

As a guest at the party, I just wanted to say thank you! We were blown away by your vision and production. Your attention to detail made it a magical experience and we can safely say we haven't had that much fun for a long time.

VIP Guest, Private Event

My partner was completely astonished by this party and by the level of care and pampering (for lack of a better word) that we received. We really had the best of times.


Thanks SO much for pulling off an utterly incredible event for us last night. We’ve had brilliant feedback so far and everyone is still buzzing off relaying the mini-experiences they had, from the American tourists to the reindeers to the endless dancefloor action to the glitter to the Wise Men....on and on!

Laura Darling, EA, Facebook

The team at We Are Family have been fantastic partners in bringing various Facebook for Business events to life in the UK. From Christmas at Media Agencies to a spectacular set for a Sales Team of the Year presentation, their passion and creativity has shone through on every brief, enabling us to deliver some very high impact event activations.

Amy Horne, Marketing Manager, Facebook

A huge thank you to you and your team for pulling off the most spectacular weekend ever. We felt so looked after throughout by your lovely team and there was so much attention to detail. Saturday night was so awesome I'm not even bothering to describe it to people, words are useless. You're all very, very talented.

VIP Guest, Private Event

Truly great weekend, truly great organisers.

Private Event, Private Guest

A phenomenal spectacular. Well Done.

Private Event, Private Guest

Just wanted to say thank you once again for organising such an incredibly stunning event!!! I had a ridiculous amount of fun. I have been fortunate to attend a LOT of cool parties, but this was just incredible. Your team did an amazing task putting it all together, I just didn’t want to leave.

VIP Guest, Private Event

Thanks so much for making the space so inspiring and fun. Needless to say plenty of pics were taken.

Laura Goldsmith, SMV Group

Huge HUGE congrats and thank you for such an amazing day yesterday – it was truly magical.

Carol Rashti, Agency Marketing Manager, EMEA, Facebook

Everyone at We Are Family is great - they helped us put on an absolutely smashing Holi party, and gave us a fantastic sense of calm the whole way through the process. The design, logistics- everything was brilliant.

Ginny Dale, Marketing Manager, Dishoom